Climate computers

The climate computers can control all the possible combinations of ventilation and temperature for the poultry houses.

They can monitor ventilation systems of all types: natural, mechanical, roof, cross and longitudinal. Our computers can record, depending on your preferences, the temperature and the humidity from the house, the external temperature, the carbon dioxide level, the speed of the interior and exterior air. With these settings, your birds will always enjoy a perfect climate.

– tested and optimized during many years of use;

– reliability and high operating safety;
– high flexibility: the computers can be set up by the user, depending on his requests;
– a user friendly system, that can be accessed by means of the pictograms;
– they allow programming for all the configurations of ventilation:  basic ventilation, tunnel, mixt, proportional and/or cyclic;
– the temperature curve can be programmed up to 10 points, depending on the age of the birds;
– the ventilation curve depends on the age of the birds and on the humidification curve;
– ventilation correction for the maximum set humidity;
– ventilation correction in case of a sudden drop of the external temperature (auto-learning function, depending on the climate in which the computer is   used);
– the possibility to synchronize the ventilation with the air inlet flaps through a pressure sensor for optimizing the minimal ventilation;
– the cooling system can be automatically shut down when it reaches a set humidity level;
– the cooling system is cyclically controlled for a maximum performance;
– the delay of the cooling or heating system in regard to the main set point of temperature;
– the heating can be controlled on several areas, being possible the mixing of the temperature in the house;
– the possibility to set a password for the access levels in order to secure the configuration of the settings and options the security;
– through an optional connection to a special router, the computers can be accessed from any pc, smartphone or tablet, allowing the visualization of the parameters, as well as the distance control.