Alke Agro silos are made of galvanized and corrugated high tensile steel, tensions resistant, with a minimum covering level of 350 grams of zinc per m².

They are recommended for the temporary storage of the feed, for a 5-7 days period; they do not have a ventilation system.

This type of equipment can be used in poultry houses (broilers, layers and turkeys) or in pig houses.

 Feed storage and optimal emptying of the silo:
– the angle of the inferior cone favors the optimal flow of the feed;
– the configuration of the upper cone facilitates the maximum filling of the silo;
– for the inferior cone there are used round cap screws.

 The conservation of the feed’s nutritive quality:
– the superior galvanization level and the corrugation of the metal sheets reduce the internal temperatures modifications and the condensation;
– not only the corrugated form of the plates, but also the fixed connections provide the silo’s impermeability, therefore avoiding the moistening of the feed.

 Durability and easy maintenance:
– solid construction, easy montage and an almost absent maintenance;
– high anti-corrosive protection;
– the ladder with the protection rings offers safety;
– secure connections and good impermeability;
– the high quality plates offer protection against corrosion.

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