Poultry – Megasun

Canopy Gasbrooder 12 kW, low pressure

Gasbrooder with a wide area coverage. Low maintenance in dusty environments.

Poultry – Megasun – MEGASUN 12 -WVLTH

Robust Canopy gasbrooder for the poultry industry.
Gas P (mBar) Cap. (kW) gr/h m3/h Weight(Kg)
Propane 30-50 12.3 880 12
Nat.Gas 15-50 12.3 1.15 12

An individual, non-electric, fully automatic ON/OFF control with integral thermostat, which operates on millivolts generated by the pilot. No electrical supply is needed. Integral thermostat features a wide temperature range for easy adjustment. 100% gas safety shut-off valve.

The advantages of the Megasun are:
– Alke’s Megasun 12 provides fuel efficient infrared heat for a variety of poultry applications
– New inside insulation cone helps to maintain high efficiency
– Strong, will not crumble or breakdown
– Suitable for low natural and LPG gas supply pressures
– 4 control options to fit your individual need
– Factory pre-assembled components for quick installation


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