Poultry – AP

The Stainless steel AP series make a very cost effective choice.

Alke radiant heaters type AP are famous all over the world for their excellent performance and high quality used materials. The heaters are equipped with a cylindrical burner house. There are 3 models available. The AP1 and AP 3 are mainly used in the pig industry. The model AP2 is mainly used in the poultry industry. The brooders are standard equipped with Stainless steel dust filter and a safety device in combination with thermocouple.

Advantages of APheaters:
– Direct radiation of radiant heat
– Temperature raise within seconds
– Almost soundless and no air movement
– Wide operating range in gas pressure and capacity
– Stainless steel construction

Poultry – AP – AP 1 F

Stainless steel gasbrooder with filter
Capacity: 0,16 – 1,1 kW
Gas P (mBar) Cap. (kW) gr/h Weight(Kg) CE
G31 Propane 20 – 1400 0,16- 1,10 79 1,0 Yes
G31 Propane 5 – 200 0,19 – 1,25 89 1,0 No

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